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PostSubject: MILITARY RANKING   MILITARY RANKING Icon_minitimeThu Feb 12, 2009 9:20 pm

Marauders became an exemplary democratic military society that with time, embedded civilian trades that help them to evolve into the most complex clan of their times. In order to keep things under tight control, an upgraded military ranking was needed to better coordinate activities and ensure a smooth flow of information.



MILITARY RANKING MaraudersEnsign-1
An ensign is a distinguishing flag of a ship or a military unit; or a distinguishing token, emblem, or badge, such as a symbol of office. The word has also given rise to the military rank of "ensign", a rank of junior officer once responsible for bearing the ensign of his unit Once somebody joins the ranks of Marauders he is a full time Ensign of the Marauders who is Officially bound to the duties as such. He is expected to learn and follow the rules of the clan and be updated with all events that are a matter of interest for his clan. He must have knowledge of the tactics used by his direct commanders and follow their instructions.

To become an ensign:

You must earn 500 million for the guild.
You must scavenge 6 code name weapons or rare equipment.
Fringe Benefits(Ensign):
You have earned the respect of your fellow Marauders who follow your likes of trading and RP.


MILITARY RANKING MaraudersCaptain-1
First step to officer’s world is assured by being awarded with the rank of Captain. A Captain is the leader of the fleet’s Squadrons and is in command and thus responsible for all Ensigns in his unit at any time. This means that he must undergo all classes of combat tactics and off course, know how to implement them. He answers to the admiral in charge. This is a very demanding job and is done in the most hostile of circumstances.

To become a Captain:
You must earn 8 billion credits for the guild.
The amount for Ensign sign-up will count towards this final figure
You need to have an NPC kill count of 20000.
You need to have participated in 20 squadron operations.
Fringe Benefits(Captain):
You now may Command two trade wings for earning in support the Marauders treasury.
You will command a fighting squadron of up to 5 and act as superior officer when Admirals are not present.
This ability is active after you will be cleared on issues of use of clear and clean strategy and tactics.
You will interact with willing recruits for guidance and you will become their sponsor in this endeavour. Assessing them and their intentions is one of your responsibilities.
A free membership to the Admirals Lounge for weekend Parties and The Sirius Showgirl escapades.
You will also receive weekly shipments of Nomad Brandy very rare indeed and costly. Also you may organize freelance Traders to help us and themselves...A private Tax free shipping Company if you will.
And last but not lest The undying respect of your fellow Clans Mates for this rank is well earned.


MILITARY RANKING MaraudersRear-AdmiralTradeFleet-1
Rear Admiral is a naval commissioned officer rank above that of a Chief Warrant Officer and Captain, and below that of a Vice Admiral. It is generally regarded as the support of the "Admiral" ranks, which are also sometimes referred to as "Trade officers" and/or "Trade Fleets". In many navies it is referred to as a two-star rank. As Admiral it is his duty to find the best trade routes possible and to direct the traders to them. Also, he will be detaining the title of Chief of Treasury and will handle all investments of the guild. All equipments and founds needed to finance new recruits will be compensated or provided from the treasury, thus, the responsibility of the Rear-Admiral. This is a rank that does have limited military involvement and enjoys every other privilege of being a superior officer. At conflict time, a freighter could write history. Trading and Supply line must Continue and be protected all all times.


MILITARY RANKING MaraudersVice-AdmiralNavalForces-1
Vice Admiral is a naval rank equivalent to Lieutenant General in seniority. A Vice Admiral is typically senior to a Rear Admiral and junior to an Admiral. In many navies, Vice Admiral is a three star rank with a NATO Code of OF-8, although in some navies like the Liberty Navy it is an OF-7 rank, the OF-8 code corresponding to the four star rank of Squadron Vice-Admiral. All Marauders fighter pilots are under this Admiral’s command when in stage of war.
Developing, exercising and teaching fighting tactics, applying clan strategies and coordinating
all fronts that Marauders have troops on are his/hers main responsibilities. Once present,
he will be an example to other clan pilots by inspiring them with his/hers attitude and courage in battle.


MILITARY RANKING MaraudersFleetAdmiral-1
An Admiral of the Fleet or Fleet Admiral is a military naval officer of the highest rank. In many nations the rank is reserved for wartime or ceremonial appointments. It is usually a rank above Admiral, and is often held by the most senior Admiral of an entire naval service. This position is occupied by the founder. All Marauders activities are a matter of interest for the Fleet Admiral, and he is the only one responsible for overall activity, regardless of situation. All decisions that any member superior officers make should be taken after close consultations with the holder of this rank. The job of "President of Mapping Institute" belongs also to him. An approval for joining Marauders is validated by him, and also the Fleet Admiral is the only one that can court-martial members.



MILITARY RANKING 1I3zQe4CkZRCNf9S9WDV6Q_6AfV8T7syBqbdPmgsIP3rVUc0Hy__-L7sKtlzG43icYIx5AMBZEtI_3WdWSa4WRuRocJC7UB7jaKt8yoYTD7OI23TJBMdpaKqFN-e_DpDLi0Z9l0raw=w2400
Life viewed from human perspective is a linear ting and unidirectional.
We are meant to get old. In fact, we all want to get old. And sometimes not even that...
Everything that has a beginning has its end somewhere forward on that fragile string.
People bearing the title of Reserve Admiral enjoy the utmost respect of all Marauders.
Their unmatched dedication to this guild brought them fame, pain and fortunes,
and in return the guild helped them to be here alive, at the end of their activity.
It happens for a reserve enlisted officer to be reinstated, but it is only at will and
no other situation should determine this and ruin the well deserved rest of
the most accomplished Marauders in history.

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