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You reached the web-headquarters of the Marauders.

We are a group of Freelancer enthusiasts, playing and having fun under this banner.
Initially formed to play the role of mercenaries, we find ourselves now in a new stage
of our RP (role-play) evolution. We have embraced the role of guardians of order and
enforcers of the laws. Inside the forums there is a section dedicated to inform anyone
about us, our goals, our book of rules and our organizational system. >CLICK HERE<

Marauders was born on the VOID server, and that is the main residence of the guild.
For the sake of diversity, and mainly for members that wish an atmosphere different
from what our “home” can provide, we are currently playing on several other servers,
each Outside-HQ-Expedition being organized and lead by full time Marauders officers.
We are successfully extending to other places , while trying to experience as much as
possible from what the game can offer, in all its forms -PvP, Role-play and mix-mods.

The size of our forums are greater than you might see at this moment, because we
restrict access to certain areas of the forums to be used only by our members.

We wish you a pleasant stay and please use our resources
and available spaces if you wish to share a though.

"We got knowledge of our surroundings. We choose to obey the laws of man.
Our enemies will have our projectiles and will not receive our mercy.
We know wrath and we know humility. We know no defeat."

Everyone that enters the world of Freelancer wants to blow up things.
This is what every fighter in the Naval Forces has the opportunity to do.
Using agile light fighters , armored very heavy fighters , gunboats and
destroyers or feared battleships , the pilots of Marauders cut their way
trough space and the lines of their enemies with pride and courage.
Dying ( if only virtually ) is a daily occurrence in the life of these men...
Only to be resurrected and get to fight another battle. The success of all
stays in the skill that they acquire and use in combat.

"All around are opportunities. Explorer's paths show us the profit.
We push the boundaries of commerce through walls of envy and piracy.
We carry the war-blood of Marauders and their message of peace. "

Our entire activity rests on the back of our restless traders. They seize
every opportunity to raise funds . If is not resources there are credits .
Credits can make people raise and fall. And by the continuous effort of
our dedicated traders we have flourished and we have prospered. Be it
simple transport of commodities, mining or commerce with rare items,
they are there every day, risking their safety in the bulkiest and strangest
monsters that you can fly in Sirius. No other group deserves more respect
and appreciation than the Marauders Traders.

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