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 Explanation of how this works

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PostSubject: Explanation of how this works   Tue Jul 06, 2010 8:45 am

Enjoying a game means that sometimes you have to deal with the limits of the game as well. For some people, this seems to be unacceptable however and the way they deal with this is by means of applying a small piece of software, allowing them to overcome these limitations. In short: Cheating!

One of the most used cheating things is a so called 'speed mod' which allows you to fly faster than the server mod actually allows. As you know, the Void admins are there to oversee what players do and take action which is properly according to them (i.e. ban for day/month/permanent).

As you all know, Marauders have rules and regulations, contained in our 'Book of Laws'.

Rule 1. Respect the rules of the server you play on. Know them. Update yourself constantly.

That also means no cheating.

Recently i have heared from one of the Admins that 'some' of us make use of a speed mod. If I hear names from the Admin, it means its end of Marauders for that person. So for those who use a speed mod: Don't worry, I will find you and you will be banned from Marauders.

Sincerely yours,

co clan leader
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Explanation of how this works
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