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 Marauders Forum Changes

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PostSubject: Marauders Forum Changes   Thu Feb 17, 2011 2:39 am

The Closure of the Disco Section will occur in 24 hours all info will be moved to General Clan topics. The reasons for this is to make this forum simpler due to a new Clan Site for a new Clan Game. As Volker Said what he tried to do was a failure there just was not enough people in the Clan to spread across multiple servers and still call us a clan! So this site will remain open but will remain so as long as the Void is open when the Void closes so does this Forum.

All players on Disco may still chat in General Clan Topics until the Forum is Closed! We would prefer if the Disco Players are serious freelancers that you support the main direction of the Clan and to make your selves know on The Void but is not required as we all know its dying dying almost dead! I will escort the Void into Oblivion Even if I am the last of the Marauders in Babylonia, However as your Leader I will also see The Marauders reborn on Black Prophecy

For the past two weeks I have created a new forum designed after the new game as your new Leader and with Volkers approval here it is If you still wish to be a Marauder Then go here http://marauders-on-bp.forumotion.com/ sign up as this game will be EPIC with 1000 online players and over 20 Clans some of witch you may know ^^ once that game is going this site must be down to a minimum for maintenance. As it is unfortunate that Freelancer being such a good game is coming to an end we as a Clan Can live on!

So as your Leader I hope to see you all sign up all who do will be Ensigns on this new site for it is a new game and we want to put Rank on those that are most dedicated to the new game and Marauders.


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Marauders Forum Changes
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