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PostSubject: BOOK OF LAWS   BOOK OF LAWS Icon_minitimeMon Jan 19, 2009 6:55 pm

The mother of all rules:

Nobody will be the subject of discrimination from a Marauders guild member part,
regardless of age, sex, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion or other personal
Respect all people as you want to be respected!

  1. Respect the rules of the server you play on. Know them. Update yourself constantly.

  2. Do not press F1 during combat or if taxed by a rogue or pirate. Fight your way out or if this is not possible, pay the tax. It's not nice to live with that, but it's RP and part of the game.

  3. No ganging! This is not a sign of quality. Fighting as a group does not fall under this provision. If you get ganged at your turn, fight your way through it and let us know in a post of your troubles.

  4. Once on-line, players are to group. If you need help, ask a marauder first.

  5. A Marauder should not disrespect another Marauder by any means, nor any other player from the server for that matter. Foul language shall be reprimanded.

  6. All members (no exceptions) are allowed to have "freelancer" type of characters, play any RP they wish, but not to be part of any other guild association and in any sort of activity that would reflect negatively onto the Marauders.

  7. If someone decides to stop playing, please be so kind to leave a message here on the forum. Also, please give any assets you posses (game IDn weapons, money) to another Marauders clan member; This makes it much easier to build up characters for new recruits in the future.

  8. This last rule is applied regardless of time, space or activity. All Marauders are obligated and required to have fun while online. Abatement from having fun is... well... a waste of time.

Not knowing the rules is not an excuse...!
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