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PostSubject: BOOK OF LAWS   Mon Jan 19, 2009 6:55 pm

Mother rule:

Nobody will be the subject of discrimination from a marauders clan member part,
regardless of age, sex, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion or other personal
beliefs or non-beliefs.
Respect all people as you want to be respected!

1.-Respect the rules of the server you play on. Know them. Update yourself constantly.

2.-Marauders are a multinational clan and the common language used is English.
Players who's primary language is English should guide and politely correct the
mistakes of another and not have/let them be made fun of under no circumstances.

3.-Use of foul language is not tolerated regardless of channel (system, group or private).
Not respecting this rule can get you excluded from the clan.

4.-Whatever you think about a member of the clan and/or player of the server and/or his
what ever actions they make take, do not accuse somebody of cheating or lagging. In
case someone lags according to you, politely ask him/her to check his ping and, if
possible, could they relog on (f1 - select new char) in the hope that will resolve the

5. -Do not engage in contradictory discussions and disregard provocative actions.

6.-Use “GF” after every fight regardless of your feelings about the opponent.

7.-Ganging is not a way of showing quality, so it will not be used by our members. If
however you are grouped at a location and a 'hostile' chooses to come to you and
attacks, it is allowed to kill this person together. However, the 'hostile' must be
given the oppertunity to leave the battleground.

8.-Do not open fire at anyone unless you are attacked or the enemy is on our "Kill On
Site" list. All hostiles targets are "K.O.S."

9.-Do not recharge your shield and do not repair your hull during PVP combats (no

10.-Do not pres F1 during combat or if taxed by a rogue or pirate. Fight your way out
or if this is not possible, pay the tax. Its not nice, but its RP and part of the game.

11.-Once on-line, players who are not conducting missions are to group. If you need
help, ask a marauder first.

12.-A Marauder should not disrespect another Marauder by any means. Nor any other player
from the server for that matter.

13.-All members (no exceptions) are allowed to have "freelancer" type of characters,
but not to be part in any sort of activity that would reflect negatively onto the Clan.

14. Since our RP is now navy, it means we assist players who are attacked/harrassed by
pirates. We will show a friendly attitude to all freelancers and neutral clans, until their
actions will affect us.

15. If someone decides to stop playing FL or decides to leave Marauders, please be so
kind to leave a message here on the forum. Also, please give any assets you posses
(weapons, money) to another Marauders clan member; This makes it much easier for
building up of characterz for new recruits in the future.

Not knowing the rules is not an excuse...!
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