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 Europa Navy - VOID

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PostSubject: Europa Navy - VOID   Mon Jan 19, 2009 6:43 pm

The Marauders Mercenary’s have wondered endlessly through out Sirius taking on jobs that most would flee from! Our plight has always been one of fighting for the injustices done to others by evil. For we ourselves where also ravaged as a people our only crime was longing to find our place in this hostile universe. We started as a tight group of fighter pilots in need of a home to call our own, knowing the path would be long and full of trials. This is our story to tell let no one claim it as their’s for we defend our name with just vigil!

Volker, Gabriel, Hamlet and Wicked all would meet at Arkha base to consult with clients or each other. We had formed early relationships within Europa’s boarders with all sorts of characters. Some not so welcomed for our knowledge of Admiral Caspire’s use of a lethal nerve nanovirus that kills by homing in on the DNA codes of its victims. Our dislike of him brings us to secretly plot his demise. Hamlet just married Anne a Sirius high-ranking Diplomat that promises leverage in Europa’s High Command.

Anne since birth has always known she was blood of the ancients bestowed with the ability to see glimpses of the future and sense the intentions of those around her. She also can communicate telekinetic-ally with certain beings and the wild creatures out side the city shields on her home world. She does not get out of the city as much as she would like and when off world she is in intense Diplomatic negotiations. Such as negotiating with Bretonia to use building a gate in Tartarus for open trading with Europa as a tool to bring down Admiral Caspire and end his terror! The Marauders will in secret partially fund the construction of the gate and refurbishing of Tisiphone as part of the deal.

After the arrest of Admiral Caspire a new Commander took his place on Tisiphone base Commander Augustus. There the new Commander has overseen the new gate and security details. Augustus has had a long history with the Marauders hiring them for a numerable amount of jobs. This is the political environment Commander Volker has and his colleges have been waiting a lifetime for. Everything is in play and the time is now for a major move in extending the Marauders longevity.

Anne now closes a deal with the Junkers that will allow The Marauders to build a base in Europan space and increase trade in Babylonia. All of Anne’s efforts to keep the Marauders and their allies system together as lead to some Diplomatic advance. The Junkers have been very pleased to help, However Anne is unsure whether for friendship or profit is there motive… a little of both perhaps! As her ability has been clouded as of late. Anne now has a new hope for her and the Marauders.

The Marauders base near completion and the joint security detail offered to Marauders at Tisiphone by Commander Augustus. Volker, Winnol, Gabriel, Hamlet, wicked and Anne finally see the dream of establishing The Marauders as a strong force against evil and protecting the less fortunate. The days ahead will be full of hard ships and trials but no one said keeping the peace would be easy a dauntless task at best. A communication is sent to Europa’s High Command, Volker sets out to meet them.

Volker meets with Europa’s High Command to announce the Marauders allegiance as a Wing Corp in Europa’s Navy. With heavy coverage by Rick Mave for SNN Commander Volker and the Europan Government make this announcement of their intention with the Marauders. “ We the Europan Government have added The Marauders Wing Corp to our Navy they are hereby in control of Babylonia’s security and with full joint authority to see the best interest of the Europan Government is met by all! Thank you for your time all questions are to be forwarded to the summit meetings.”

The Marauders are at last…home!

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PostSubject: HISTORY   Tue Jun 01, 2010 5:25 pm

Episode ONE:

For centuries, the hatred that followed them here, eat the souls of the Sirius colonists.
Divided quickly by economic interests, greed and power, the new world is burning with the flame of politics,
bearing the scars of the forgotten souls from home.
From all this chaos and all this darkness, we emerged like shadows.
We are the product of the human hate for his brother, searching for truth and looking for salvation.
We are the sons and doters of all the conflicts Sirius has seen, the result of endless pursuit for dominance.
The freelancers call us MARAUDERS... a good name that we end up love and hate as well as the rest of them.
We are not good nor evil, restless explorers searching for a place and a meaning.
Not a clan by today's standards, scattered across the universe, the military classifies us as a wing-corp.
We took the role of mercenaries, and engaged in businesses not of our own, just for others money and respect.
Not proud of all we do, but proud that we did and do it all.
Battles and wars did not left behind only the best of the warriors, but all we lack in combat we make in will and courage.
The power of all that's called MARAUDERS stays in the stubbornness to be known, to be respected, to make things happened.
Sirius system is our home and we defend it, we have a friend in everyone that has not prove themselves as our enemy;
we respect and ask respect... we live among you...


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Europa Navy - VOID
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